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Important Consumer Information and Disclaimer:
All firearms are potentially dangerous in the hands of persons not familiar with guns which may cause great harm, personal injury or death. No person should handle any type of firearm unless you have been trained by a qualified firearms instructor, Military, Police Academies, or National Rifle Association affiliated firearms training programs.

No person should use any firearm while under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs. All firearms must be transported in accordance to Municipal, County, State and Federal Ordinances. The user of our handgun holsters must use care and safety when using your new Haugen handgun holster.

Your handgun holster is designed only to be used with the type of handgun it was designed for (frame and barrel length). Neither your handgun nor your holster should be modified in any manner because alteration may increase the risk of accidental discharge causing personal injury or death. Alteration to your firearm includes any aftermarket modifications or changing anything on your firearms that is not covered under factory specification. Never place a loaded handgun in a holster without first testing proper holster fit the the handgun in a unloaded condition.

All Haugen Handgun Holsters are designed to function safely and efficiently with modern, high quality, factory equipped handguns. Whatever holster style you have, it is made for the specific gun it was intended to carry as marked on the back of your holster and no other similar gun should be carried inside it. Depending on what style of holster you now own, various models have varying retention devices, straps, or no retention device. Should you be engaged in vigorous physical activity, extreme caution should always be used to prevent your gun from falling from the holster. All risk and liability shall be on the purchaser and wearer of this holster in the manner in which it is used.

Should your holster become worn, loose, defective, or ill-fitting at any time, cease use immediately. Haugen Handgun Leather accepts no responsibility or liability for accident or death due to their product. The entire risk as to the quality and performance of the product is with the buyer. Should the product proved defective following its purchase, the buyer and not the manufacturer or retailer assumes the entire risk for any personal injury or death claims. Because leather is a natural product, Haugen Handgun Leather makes no warranties either written or expressed on their products and the entire risk of all necessary servicing or repair is the responsibility of the consumer.

Important ordering information:
When ordering a complete rig such as a holster, belt, and magazine carrier, it is suggested you order all the items at the same time to be assured of an exact color dye match. Occasionally, a customer will order accessories months later and make a guess on the color of their previously purchased product; upon receiving the new accessories, there is a realization that the products don't match. Before ordering additional products later on, when unsure of the color you want to match, it is suggested that you send your present product to Haugen Handgun Leather for correct color dye matching.

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