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The Story

Haugen Handgun Leather was founded by me, Becky Batz, and my husband, who had been working as an independent contractor in the leather goods industry for years. When we decided to start our own business, we knew that they wanted to continue to provide high-quality leather holsters, but we also wanted to make sure that we were able to set their own hours and work from home.

The first few months were rough. We lost a lot of money and had trouble getting enough customers. But eventually, things started turning around! People started seeing Haugen Handgun Leather products on social media and word got out that there was someone out there making handmade leather holsters with the same quality as what you would find at a big box store but at half the price!

When we started making holsters, we had a dream: to make high-quality leather holsters at a reasonable price. We knew that, in order to do so, we would have to cut costs somewhere. The only question was where.

We decided to invest in quality materials and the best machinery available. This meant that our employees had the best tools and training available, so they could produce the highest-quality products possible—and it also meant that our new equipment would cost us more than we'd anticipated.

It wasn't long before we realized that if we didn't figure out how to make more money or hire more people, this business wasn't going to work out for us…

Luckily, though—and thanks in large part to your support—we were able to meet our financial goals! For the first time, we took a $1,000 loan to cover all our business expenses and weren’t disappointed. We're so grateful for all of you who helped us get here by buying our holsters and telling others about them!

Now we're looking forward to growing our customer base even more!

We are a home based business that offers handmade quality leather holsters.

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